UKDP Approved Contractor

Take a look at this short video below; the installation in the video was carried out by H+H Drainage for UKDP

H+H Drainage are approved contractors and undertake the construction work for UKDP, a specialist insurance claims management company that helps to resolve ongoing drainage problems.

This video demonstrates the installation of a new Sewage Treatment Plant following an insurance claim managed by UKDP, the construction work undertaken by H+H Drainage.

Once the claim was approved, H+H Drainage made the necessary preparations to carry out the proposed works. This involved removing the exiting septic tank and installing the new sewage treatment plant. Once the tank had been successfully installed and the outlet pipe firmly connected to the existing soakaway, H+H Drainage engineers proceeded to restore the site to its original condition. A new layer of gravel was laid down and a brand new wooden fence was erected to replace the old stone wall in front of the property.